Forthcoming attractions

Okay – a brief break from the cartoons to say:

Coming soon: People With Issues … the book!

Yes, you read that right: PWI can now be read offline, no batteries required. Snigger at the exploits of Jenny, Phil, Ramala et al. even where there’s no web access at all. What could possibly be a better remedy for Internet withdrawal, than sitting down with your favourite hot beverage and a selection of silly cartoons impressed with ink onto thin slices of dead tree? Of course, if you happen to laugh so hard that you spill your drink on it and have to buy another, well…

A perfect gift for the one you love just enough to spend about a fiver on, the PWI book features 64 pages of the cartoons from this site (plus a couple of little bonus ones that haven’t been uploaded here), glued together between a pair of gloriously colourful covers, garnished with text in my lovingly hand-crafted font Susino (used for the title banner here), all for the not-altogether-unreasonable price of £4.50 (+p&p).

Interested? Head over to our publisher to pre-order your copy (they’re currently at the printers and will ship as soon as we receive them)!

PWI book

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